Forward Osmosis Technology comes in

 InterChina Water Treatment Co., LTD (TASE: ICWT), a leading integrated service provider in environmental protection, jointed Poten Enviro. (TASE: PE) and signed a formal cooperation agreement with a foreign enterprises in Denmark Aquaporin A / S (TASE: AQP) in Beijing on Nov. 6. The tripartite funded the establishment of the joint venture. The registered capital of JV is $ 10 million, among them 20% from ICWT, 45% from PE and 35% from AQP. The joint venture is looking forward to establishing the aquaporin membrane production line in China. Furthermore, ICWT and PE decided to co-pay $ 19.5 million to buy 20.1% stake of AQP.

 ICWT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong InterChina Inc. It is engaged in the construction and operation of municipal engineering and environment engineering; production and sales of related technology and equipment; and provision of technical advisory services in the field of water treatment. 

Forward Osmosis technology promotes separation process relies on solution’s osmosis pressure difference. Compared with RO membrane, it doesn’t need high-pressure pump and also has a great advantage of desalination rate.

Aquaporin membrane has a broad application prospects in FO and RO filed for desalination, wastewater treatment, chemical and medical treatment. The joint venture has already prepared for the industrialization of this technology.

The project is going to be invested $ 20 million for R&D in the first phase and is expected to have a commercial return in the second half of 2015. The company is looking forward to establishing a 5,000,000~6,000,000m2/per year production line with $ 30 million total investment in the future.

According to the agreement, AQP assists the joint venture to construct aquaporin membrane production line within 12 months after the $ 1.5 million upfront payment of royalties and its subsidiary company became the exclusive supplier for aquaporin membrane

Aquaporin membrane technology will be a very wide range of applications in the future, because human life is inextricably linked with water. At present, the technology is still in the process of developing, but what can be sure is it will revolutionize water industry, and will bring huge business interests for the industry.

Source: China Environment News